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The Labricks (pronounced LAY-bricks)* are Tom Cardenas on drums, Miles Miniaci on keyboards, Ryan Anderson on bass, and Nathaniel Williams on guitar. They formed in Woodland, California in 2021. 

Songs you love but didn't expect...

Simultaneously rustic and "new wave," The Labricks are the live cover band equivalent of a late-night college radio station spinning Bowie, New Order, and the Pixies alongside old 45s by the likes of Sir Douglas Quintet or ? and the Mysterians.

The Labricks' band arrangment means some of those classics get radically revamped. Guitar leads become twisty organ lines. Bright snares and strumming replace compressed drums and processed guitars. But the songs always retain the reasons you loved them in the first place. Great lyrics. Great melodies. Great hooks.

*What's the name mean?

"The term 'labrick' was in constant use by all grown men except certain of the clergy in the state of Missouri when I was a boy. It had a very definite meaning & occupied in the matter of strength the middle ground between scoundrel & son of a bitch..." - Mark Twain, 1906

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